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7 Ways to Prepare for your Exams

by Stephanie Brown, Grade 6-I | 09 Oct 2020

I was intrigued by the first blog post, and I decided to write one of my own! So here you go, 7 ways to prepare for your exams:

1) Know what you're studying for!

It is key to know what you are studying or preparing for, to avoid studying for the wrong subject or the wrong topic! You might know it’s a Science test, but do you know what topic in Science? Knowing what you are studying for is a key component for your exams. Preparation is important.

2) Have an appropriate workspace!

Having an appropriate workspace is important since it will help improve your productivity and it will affect the way you study. In my opinion, a clear workspace helps give you a clearer mind. There should be no distractions or anything around you that might lead to temptation (iPads, iPhones, TV...etc.)

3) Ask for Help!

Asking your parents/guardian to help you revise is a good idea, it may give you a bit more confidence on learning the subject or revising it and it can help keep you focused. It may also help you realize you may need more work on that particular subject. Never be afraid to ask for help!

4) Focus on studying!

When you are having a hard time getting motivated, you can easily be misled by your surroundings. Music or Movies can distract you from your studying so try putting away anything that might distract you! It’s key to be focused on what you are working on, as you will remember it more clearly.

5) Take good notes in class... Look back at your notes!

I assume that you are old enough now to be taking notes about what is being said in class. If so, re-read your class notes and remember what the important points in class were. It will be helpful in revising and memorizing before the test! I know some classes might be boring but at least take a few notes, it helps, I promise.

And make sure you highlight what is important in your notes, so it is easier to find when you are done.

6) Know when your exams are coming

Note down when your exams are coming! This way you will be at the top of your game, and you can study before the test! Knowing when your exams are coming is a good thing to have. You can always look at the assessment calendar or you could ask the teacher or classmate.

7) Rest!

After a long day of hard work, you deserve some rest, have a cup of hot cocoa. Turn on Netflix and relax! You can study again tomorrow (unless your test is tomorrow-) Rest your eyes take a nap go to sleep! It doesn’t matter, just relax! Resting is important because it allows you to get your energy back and helps you deal with anxiety.



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