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Bunnies, baskets, and chocolates, oh my!

by Carmel Andrada

Bunnies, baskets, and chocolates, oh my! With so much excitement in our classrooms, how can we not love Easter Festivities?

The International Early Years and German Kindergarten started the celebration together. We had an egg-citing obstacle course, then hopped on to sing Stups der kleine Osterhase, B-U-N-N-Y, Sitzt der Osterhase in dem Hasennest and Oh Happy Easter Bunny together.

After all that fun, you'd think its done? No! We of course had an egg-cellent time during the Egg hunt.

After some snacks, the English Early Years came together and we played Pabitin!

For our finale, we put on our bunny ears and searched for our favorite carrots. To our surprise, it was filled with yummy delights.

We had an egg-traordinary day and we wish you the same all throughout the Easter break!


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