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Do stingless bees really exist?

by Louisa Malu Dahmen (4D) & Berenice Müller (4D)

Last week, we (the children of Grades 3D and 4D) went on a school trip. The bus ride was a lot of fun because we braided, played, listened to music and laughed a lot. When we finally arrived, a woman gave us a warm welcome. First we had breakfast. Then she showed us very small bees. They were called "stingless bees". We were allowed to taste the honey from the stingless bees directly in their hive. The woman showed us many plants and fruits. We were even allowed to eat most of them or take them home. Some of us bought honey, soaps or cream for little money. After that we went to the bus and we went to a restaurant for lunch.

When we got to the cow farm, a man was waiting for us. He told us that we should first choose a cardboard animal. Later a woman came. She showed us the calves. One was even born in the morning. We were allowed to stroke them and give them milk. Then we fed the pregnant cows. Lastly, we looked at the dairy cows. Unfortunately, we couldn't stay longer because we had to make our way back to school. It was a pity that we couldn't take any milk products with us because the way back was too long without a cooler. But the man told us that we could buy the products in Makati. On the way back we played "silent mail". When we got to school, we talked about what we thought was the greatest. We made a poll which was better: the bee farm or the cow farm?

Survey of class 3D and 4D

Bee farm = IIII

Cow farm = IIIII IIII

We all had so much fun on the field trip! Many thanks goes to Mr. Hook and Mrs. Barthel.


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