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End-of-term Ceremonies 2019-20

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

by Shadin Kitma

Class interruption and a midday assembly greeted the students and teachers of the German European School Manila (GESM) when they returned for the beginning of the second term on Tuesday, February 4. The reason? Some good ol' patting on the back.

A total of 63 students from both International and German Secondary sections and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) were formally awarded for academic excellence and upholding of school values earlier this week. Handing out the certificates was headmaster Christoph-Boris Frank, flanked by the section coordinators Valerie Cornelissen (International Secondary), Dr. Christoph Grant (German Secondary) and Santanu Bhowmik (IBDP).

The academic achievement awards were based on the students' end-of-term grades for school year 2019-20, the exact criteria of which is specified below for each section. The so-called "GESM Values Award", meanwhile, was bestowed on any student whose behavior upholds the school values the most as judged by her/his peers -- and in the case with the IBDP candidates, also by his/her teachers. The GESM's core values include integrity, respect, compassion, independence and responsibility.

Present during the awarding were representatives of Lions Club International, who partnered with the school for a donation drive to help victims of the Taal volcano eruption. They formally exchanged recognition and appreciation with the GESM.

Also preceding the awarding was the formal welcome of 11 students from the Saxony International School, in Saxony, Germany, who are in Manila for an exchange program with the GESM.

This program is supervised by Marta Komicz and SIS counterpart Claudia Keller. The students received welcome gifts handed out by Headmaster Frank.

Below is the complete list of awardees:

Academic Achievement Awards


(students with average grades of X or higher)

1. Brian Jänchen (Grade 6, 6. Klasse)

2. Zoë Parker (Grade 6, 6. Klasse)

3. Hannah Seo (Grade 6, 6. Klasse)

4. Kassandra Schissau (Grade 7, 7. Klasse)

6. Sven Dunder (Grade 8, 8. Klasse)

7. Justin Ith (Grade 8, 8. Klasse)

8. Carolina Maia Hartwig (Grade 8, 8. Klasse)

9. Julien Hoschka (Grade 8, 8. Klasse)

10. Elias Sänger (Grade 8, 8. Klasse)

11. Lukas Stein (Grade 8, 8. Klasse)

12. Leonie Kranz (Grade 9, 9 Klasse)

13. Justin Schneider (Grade 9, 9 Klasse)

14. Justin Almeida (Grade 10, 10. Klasse)

15. Isabella Maia Hartweg (Grade 10, 10. Klasse)


("Excellent" for students with average grades of 8.0 or higher; "Outstanding" for students with average grades from 7.0 to 7.9)

  1. Sophie Langley (Grade 6, "Outstanding")

  2. Alex Inkinen Ruiz (Grade 6, "Outstanding")

  3. Trillian Galicia (Grade 7, "Outstanding")

  4. Arnav Kapoor (Grade 7, "Outstanding")

  5. John Bensen Lueck (Grade 7, "Outstanding")

  6. Reeja Subramanian (Grade 7, "Outstanding")

  7. Advika Dalela (Grade 8, "Outstanding")

  8. Seung An Han (Grade 8, "Outstanding")

  9. Ann Cathryn Lagemann (Grade 8, "Outstanding")

  10. Misha Handa (Grade 9, "Excellent")

  11. Particia Rivera (Grade 9, "Outstanding")

  12. Mariana Ochoa de Zabelgui Apraiz (Grade 10, "Excellent")

  13. Andre Espiña (Grade 10, "Excellent")

  14. Steven Walden (Grade 10, "Outstanding")


("Excellent" for the top 3 students; "Outstanding" for students with Sem 1 points of 32 and above)

  1. Billy Maxwell Wootton (Grade 11, "Excellent")

  2. Mark Ketcher (Grade 11, "Excellent")

  3. Juan Alfonzo P. Dacumos (Grade 11, "Excellent")

  4. Alexis Matus (Grade 11, "Outstanding")

  5. Paula Abad (Grade 11, "Outstanding")

  6. Nathan Williams (Grade 11, "Outstanding")

  7. Mohit Krishna Kumar (Grade 11, "Outstanding")

  8. Michaela Menzel (Grade 11, "Outstanding")

  9. Haruma Maruhashi (Grade 12, "Excellent")

  10. Francesca Occhionero (Grade 12, "Excellent")

  11. Kelly Price (Grade 12, "Excellent")

  12. Marius Sehrbrock (Grade 12, "Outstanding")

  13. Matteo Azanza (Grade 12, "Outstanding")

  14. Andrea Concepcion (Grade 12, "Outstanding")

  15. Shraddha Puri (Grade 12, "Outstanding")

  16. Suraj Satish (Grade 12, "Outstanding")

Values Award


  1. Justin Almeida

  2. Isabella Maia Hartwig

  3. Leonie Kranz

  4. Zoë Parker

  5. Kassandra Schissau

  6. Justin Schneider

  7. Hannah Seo


  1. Sophie Langely

  2. Santino Javier

  3. Alex Inkinen Ruiz

  4. Cyrille Kueny

  5. Kaitlyn Alba

  6. Cleo Hanen

  7. John Bensen Lueck

  8. Yam Ben Ari

  9. Hannah Guinea

  10. Anushka Dushant

  11. Lara Bohn

  12. Natalie Concepcion

  13. Juhani Soininen

  14. Theo Avellan

  15. Emme Burkard

  16. Cassius Cornelissen

  17. Cassandre Masserey

  18. Andre Espiña

  19. Eauel Kent Alba

  20. Hannah Kai Matus


  1. Patrisha Clanor

  2. Francesca Occhionero

  3. Sarah Schneider

  4. Andrea Concepcion

  5. Billy Maxwell Wootton

  6. Nathan Williams

  7. Alexis Matus


Here are some photos from the Awarding Ceremony:


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