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Escape room at the German Primary

by Tina Barthel | 9 March 2022

The carnival party on February 24th was a highlight for the children of GESM's German Primary. But even class time ran a little differently that day for the 3rd and 4th-graders.

To get in the mood for the "Day of Fools", the students had time to solve an "Escape Room" until the party.

An Escape Room is a game where teammates try to solve various puzzles within a given time to complete a mission. In this case, a lock was to be picked by the children as part of a story. The story is about some students who go to a Karneval party in the gym. However, when they go to open the door to the gym, it is locked. The task now is to help these students pick the door lock so that they can get to the party on time.

To ensure that both the children at school and the children online could solve the Escape Room in equal measure, the puzzles were solved on worksheets and the combination lock was cracked digitally on the computer. In five different puzzles, the students had to demonstrate their skills and apply the knowledge they had learned in German and mathematics. With each puzzle solved, a number became known for the combination lock. Those who had figured out all five numbers in the puzzles were allowed to enter their code on the computer. If entered correctly, all the numbers lit up green and the successful lock-pickers received a reward. In the end, all the little detectives from the 3rd and 4th grades succeeded in solving the puzzles and completing the mission!


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