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GESM Proudly Announces Top Performers in IGCSE Results for Batch 2023

Edited by Julien Ferrandon

The German European School Manila (GESM) is thrilled to share the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) results from Pearson for Batch 2023. The recently received certificates highlight exceptional achievements, with John Bensen Lueck, Navya Sharma, and Audrey van Veldhuisen emerging as the top scorers in the Philippines in Double Awards (Sciences), Mathematics and English Literature, respectively.

Securing the highest scores in the Philippines across all three core subjects speaks not only to the students' dedication, but also to the school's commitment to academic excellence and its ability to foster an environment conducive to learning.

Pearson released the IGCSE results in November, revealing the outstanding efforts of students who took the exams in June 2023 during their Grade 10 year. Also noteworthy among the IGCSE takers from GESM is Reeja Subramanian, who achieved the highest overall grades across all subjects in school.

All four students mentioned above continue with their GESM education in Grade 11, and are now taking the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme.

The school community extends heartfelt congratulations to Reeja, Bensen, Audrey, Navya and the entire Batch 2023 for their commendable achievements. Much praise and kudos also go to the parents and teachers for their collective efforts in making this year's IGCSE results a success.


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