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Grade 1E Promotes Environmental Coexistence in 5th PYP Assembly

based on text by Viola Buck

The primary schoolers in the English section are finally on the 5th of the 6 PYP Units of Inquiry. On Thursday, May 18, Grade 1E hosted this school year's last student-led Assembly that revolved around the theme: We share our local environment with living creatures.

Guided by their teachers Ms. Priyanka and Ms. Fiji and decked in elaborate animal costumes, the 1st graders entertained their fellow students and parents in attendance with several performances that included a short play about animals and insects around us, a caterpillar song-and-dance number in German, and a captivating rendition of "Paraiso".

Many thanks to the rest of the teachers -- Ms. Alka, Ms. Sunshine and Ms. Christina -- who helped our students mount the show!


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