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Grade 5i completes A1 exam!

by Andreas Eggert | 7 July 2021

It was a special moment when on Monday, June 21, all 10 DaF students of grade 5i logged on to Zoom to begin the A1 exam. It was the culmination of three months of practicing for this important German exam and finally the big moment had arrived.

Students were more than ready and started to tackle the 1st part of the exam: Hören (listening comprehension). After 30 minutes, students moved on to the 2nd exam part: Schreiben (writing). Everyone had to write an email to an imaginary friend called Sabine, of course completely in German.

On June 22 and 23, students completed part 3 - Lesen (reading comprehension) and part 4 - Sprechen (the oral exam). There were no technical problems and the entire exam went well.

This was a big milestone in the German learning journey of grade 5i students and now they are ready for new adventures in grade 6i. It's been two very productive, interesting and successful years of learning German together, and I will miss my students very much.

Grade 5i German students: You can be really proud of what you achieved in the past two years! All the best in Secondary school and keep learning Deutsch with so much enthusiasm and interest.


Herr Eggert


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