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Growing Together: Grade 3E's Journey with 'Our Urban Farm

by Rebecca Gillen

On 15th March, Grade 3E performed their assembly in the Aula. Their performance was called ‘Our Urban Farm’ and it told the story of how the BGC Community Farm developed. The central idea of their unit of learning is that communities develop and organize themselves to meet the needs and wants of the people. Grade 3E visited the BGC Community Farm after discovering that the farm is strongly involved with the local community. Students learned that the farm is a social enterprise that relies on volunteers and a small group of farmers to operate. During their visit, Grade 3E experienced the process of planting and farming vegetables. They found out what vegetables grow best in this climate and how to nurture crops to make sure they are successful.

While they were at the farm, Grade 3E students met Louis Gutierrez who is the founder of the farm. He was invited to school and visited their classroom as a guest speaker to share his story on how the farm began, developed and grew. Grade 3E students asked Mr Gutierrez interesting and relevant questions and over the course of the interview learned enough information to write the script for their assembly.

The Grade 3E Assembly was an extremely exciting project from the beginning to the end. Students gave their ideas and thought to help to write the script. They auditioned on the stage in the aula for parts. They memorized their lines and learned songs and dances. Their hard work rehearsing paid off and they gave a truly fabulous performance! The audience really learned from the entertaining dialogue and songs how a community begins and what it takes to make it flourish.

Grade 3E students decided that, to stay in line with their script for the assembly, they would like to complete a composting project. Students researched how to make compost and brought kitchen scraps from home. They added worms to break down the waste and of course for extra fun! The students brought the compost to our school garden and incorporated it into the soil to help the existing herbs and vegetables to grow. Overall, the entire assembly project was a very special and unique learning experience. Thank you, Grade 3E!


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