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IGCSE Exam... in grade 7?

by Martin Gabel

Life is full of surprises and new insights, even life at a school. The first surprise was that after three years of studying German, students are eligible to take the IGCSE exam. The second surprise was that a 7th-grade student wanted to take the IGCSE exam, and the third surprise was that she was capable of achieving it.

Anyone, even without a formal education, can take an IGCSE exam in any subject at any time as an external candidate for a fee of 60 euros. The exam can be retaken as many times as desired. With the perfect materials from Edexel, one can prepare for the exam in a structured, targeted, and effective manner. Here comes the next surprise: The German IGCSE exam

certifies B1 language proficiency, which is equivalent to the Sprachdiplom I.

What did Shrija Anumeha do to be so successful? She mentions three reasons: "I regularly practice with Duolingo and Babbel" (two AI-driven learning apps), "I always concentrate during class," and the most important reason: "I find Germany and the German language interesting; perhaps I will study there. Languages are like brain exercises and a key to another world."

It was a special experience for her to participate in the classes of the German parallel class every week. After a few hours, she was doing well in mathematics in the German 7th grade class with Mr. Mörz.

Shrija not only passed the exam but also achieved a better result than many 10th-grade students.

Shrija has set a new benchmark, and what pleases me the most is that other students in my 7i class are inspired by her enthusiasm. All the children in the class are now using Duolingo and making significant progress.

What will Shrija do next in 7th grade? I have promoted her to be my assistant, and she helps her classmates with their learning.

Congratulations, Shrija!


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