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Kindergarten and Early Years' Student-Led Conference

by Rain Belarmino

Just last week, the Early Years/KiGa did not let the current situation hinder them from letting the children experience one of the most important milestones in their school life, the Student Led Conference. They held the event online and enjoyed every moment with the children.

This school year, the teachers were invited by the children in their new learning environment, their homes. Each child used this experience and gave their teachers a tour, showed the teachers where their learning takes place, their desk or their favorite nook and also shared about their learning experience at home.

We are so proud of how the children were able to fulfill the aims of this year’s Student Led Conference (SLC). This event showcased their development as learners; exuded real life-skills, such as communication, organization, leadership and self-evaluation even at a young age.

Congratulations to all our Kindergarten and Pre-primary students and parents who participated in this wonderful event. We are thankful for allowing us to see your homes virtually and making this event meaningful for the children.


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