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Songs, Dances & Summer Brunch

by Maiya Bianca Aguila

We are thrilled to share the wonderful highlights from our Year End Program held last June 21.

The program began with the Kindergarten and Pre-Primary, delighting everyone with their rendition of, “Luftballon," a song they learned in Pfiffikus German class.

Following this, the Kindergarten English section took the stage with an energetic dance performance of "Walking on Sunshine," spreading infectious joy among the audience. This was followed by the Kindergarten German Section's spirited dance to "Sommer Boogie Boogie!”

Next, our Vorschule students captivated everyone with their graceful moves to "Regenbogen Tanz," while the Pre-Primary class took center stage with a charming performance to "Better When I’m Dancing," leaving smiles on everyone’s faces.

A heartwarming finale concluded the program as the entire Early Years community came together to sing "Liebe Liebe Sonne," celebrating the how much each of us has grown throughout this school year.

Let’s not forget the Summer Brunch where families gathered to enjoy a delicious brunch, sharing stories and laughter, and creating cherished memories together.

Thank you to all our students, families and teachers for making this school year a resounding success!


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