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Masungi Georeserve Visit -- a Great Success!

On Thursday February 6, 37 GESM students from both sections, along with many of the exchange students visiting from Germany, were treated to an academic and educational experience at the acclaimed Masungi Georeserve in nearby Rizal Province.

The focal point of the visit first centered on Grade 10I completing their all-important field studies data collection for both Geography and Science. This will greatly enhance their preparedness for the upcoming Edexcel exams this coming May and June. Once that was accomplished, the highly knowledgeable local staff there did an outstanding job leading the students on a lengthy walk and talk around the stunning grounds.

Once under threat from illegal logging and poaching, locally concerned citizens established a conservancy there about twenty years ago. The area is now experiencing a wonderful revival of flora and fauna due to the dedicated efforts of tree-planting and education.

With awards from such venerable agencies as the United Nations, National Geographic and the World Travel Council for their ecotourism accomplishments, we hope to make visits to inspiring places like Masungi Georeserve a regular occurrence for our students to promote GESM core values of respect, compassion and responsibility.

by Jeffrey Troyer


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