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Year-End GESM Concert Delights Audience with Diverse Performances

On June 21, the school community gathered for a spectacular Year-End Concert, showcasing the talents of students from Grade 1 and up across both the German and English sections. Spearheaded by music teachers Mrs. Ferrandon and Mr. Maleyka, the day was filled with vibrant dances, soulful singing, and captivating musical performances that left the audience enthralled.

The highlight of the evening was a mesmerizing excerpt from Les Miserables, featuring secondary students and teachers Mr. Chester and Mr. Torrejos. Their powerful rendition brought the timeless story to life, leaving a lasting impression on everyone present.

The concert not only celebrated the students' artistic achievements but also highlighted the spirit of collaboration and dedication within the school community. It was a fitting conclusion to the academic year, filled with music, talent, and heartfelt performances that will be remembered fondly by all.


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