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Moving-Up Day at the German Vorschule

On the last day of school, the German Section Vorschule at the German European School Manila celebrated their Moving-Up Day with joy and excitement. The young students, adorned in adorable crafted "graduation" hats, were all smiles as they marked the end of their preschool journey and looked forward to starting Grade 1.

Each child received a "Schultüte," a traditional German school cone, which will be filled with goodies when they officially begin Grade 1 in August. Additionally, they were awarded an Urkunde, a certificate for finishing Vorschule, acknowledging their hard work and accomplishments throughout the year. The day was filled with fun activities and games, making it a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

As the children left their classroom, they were warmly greeted by their proud parents, celebrating this significant milestone together. The event was a wonderful way to close the school year and prepare the students for the exciting adventures that await them in Grade 1.


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