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Off from school, on to the break!

by Manuela Czech & Ute Massow

It's finally here - school break!

Even after this exhausting and extraordinary school year, the students of the German section Primary & Secondary gave it their all again and put on a varied final program! Hats off!

The 5th and 6th grade drama classes took the audience on a journey to Panama as the two friends, Little Bear and Little Tiger, try to find their dream land.

Grades 1-4 delighted everyone present with the song "Wenn der Sommer kommt" accompanied by Torsten Herzog on the guitar. We wish him on this way again all the best.

The musical pieces "Greensleeves" (6D), "505" (7/8D) and "When I am gone" (9D) put a smile on everyone's face.

Before report cards and going on vacation, all the students from both sections came together to spend beautiful moments together at the picnic.

Many thanks to all who made this day possible - enjoy the vacations!


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