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Online Games aid Early Years pupils

by Carmel Andrada and Loraine Belarmino | 20 Nov 2020

The children had the agency on which manipulative to use for today's activity. Each one used various element which made it more fun!

Isabel created and extended her pattern using candies (white rabbit, viva, and stone).

Mona and Tali's lovely pattern were made of pompoms, shiny stones, and beads.

Ivan built a vertical ABC pattern made of Lego (blue, white, violet).

The children also played this fun online game called complete Floyd's pattern. It was the perfect way to practice pattern recognition. For each pattern presented, be it AB, ABC, or AAB, Floyd will introduce two different objects and our job is to determine which one successfully completes the pattern.

- Carmel Andrada


Kindergarten 1 DaF with Frau Bartges

Look how engaged Sky & Simon with their interactive memory game prepared by miss Christina Bartges 💕 They are currently learning about family and family members.

Aside from learning Deutsch the panda bears are encouraged to explore their I.T. skills and they are developing more in more in this area.

Learning Deutsch is fun!!!

- Lorain Belarmino


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