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Read? Read! Even better, read aloud!

by Ute Massow

On November 17, 2023, the German National Read Aloud Day took place once again.

Reading and being read to is fun! Listening and reading aloud are enjoyable, delightful, a wonderful shared experience, pure excitement, making one curious, and transporting everyone into worlds and situations imagined while reading and listening.

Armed with selected books, class 10D set out to meet the elementary school students, who were eagerly awaiting their storytellers. Following the reading, the 10th-grade students had planned additional activities: dreams and wishes were drawn, mini-books for personal design were crafted, and central themes of the story were visualized.

This day showed what wonderful worlds can be discovered between two book covers. In addition, there were many other reading activities in all classes. "Maler Klecksel" by Wilhelm Busch was on the agenda in art class, and some now know what lies behind Goethe's quotes such as "Two souls dwell, alas! in my breast!", "He loves me - not - loves me...", "Heinrich, I shudder at you". An adapted version of Goethe's "Faust" opened the way to the rather complex drama that still offers many relevant themes in the year 2023.

The reading-related activities continue. The best readers from grades 5-8 will participate in this year's reading competition on December 12, 2023. This year, the reading competition will take place jointly with the English-speaking department – stay tuned and read – there is nothing more beautiful!


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