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Sky Lantern art with MS Excel

by Viola Buck | 12 Feb 2021

Impressive artwork produced by our Grade 4i students as they further explore the many uses of MS Excel in our ICT lessons. Apart from using MS Excel to help organise our numerical data, the children were able to create Pixel Arts using the knowledge and skills they acquired in Maths-Symmetry with Ms. Kennedy. Understanding the number of columns and rows needed plus knowing the line of symmetry enabled the children to create their Chinese Lantern or Sky Lantern - just in time for the Lunar New Year. Their creative side was also evident as the children used different shades of the primary colours yellow and red.

Happy Chinese New Year to all our GESM families celebrating on February 12th! Excellent work, Grade 4i! Next step - we will introduce simple conditional formatting as a segue to block coding. More creative designs coming up soon!


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