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Tips to help you study

by Aadya Singh, Grade 9-I | 09 Oct 2020

Finding the perfect way to study is a complicated process, especially when there is no easy strategy to search for it! The way I found my studying technique is actually through a lot of trial and error. Here’s what I did to find a technique which suited me:

It took me a few months. First, I tried taking notes, watching videos, reading textbooks... etc. but these ideas never really worked for me, (but they could work for you, so you should definitely try them out)! Three years ago, I found a website called Quizlet (the link is if you’d like to try it out), and I’ve used it to study ever since. You can make your own quizzes to study, which is easy to do, or search up a topic and revise it! I find it extremely practical because you can abbreviate topics, learn while playing games and you can take tests and see exactly which terms you need to review.

During online classes, it may be difficult to take notes at times. Notes about your lessons are seriously crucial and can help with revisions a lot. If you are having complications, remember that it is extremely normal, and you are not the only one. You can always ask your teacher for links or specific answers to the material used in class, for ex. PowerPoint presentations, or ask if you may record the class. If you are a slow “typer” or writer, you might find it simpler to abbreviate terms. Just remember to not stress yourself out too much.

When I study, I find that I’m more productive when listening to music. Specifically, songs on the calmer and quieter side. It makes me feel more relaxed, but if it distracts you then don’t listen and try and focus on what needs to be done. We are all different and we all have our own special ways to learn the material. We just need to figure out which one works best! It’s important to focus and if music, or anything else rational helps you out, go for it!

Another tip is to not cram all your revisions in for one day, which can be a letdown for some people. It might be simpler to slowly do some revising about each topic rather than to just rush it all at the last moment. A common misunderstanding about how to study, especially when you use less time to revise like the tip above, is that you should be spending the whole night before a test studying. But sleeping has scientifically been proven to help the majority of people remember information better, especially information that you studied right before sleeping. So, don’t stay up all night!

All in all, it is essential to find which studying technique works best for you because you will have to use it for many years to come. The key is finding out how to do it and that you master the technique until you have found the ultimate method, allowing you to cruise through your education with as little frustration as possible.



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