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"Who am I?" - students introduce themselves in German

28 Aug 2020 | by Andreas Eggert

"Who are you?" I asked my DaF (German as a Foreign Language) German students in Grades 3I and 4I at the beginning of the new school year and many students introduced themselves to me in English.

"Now can you also introduce yourself in German?" I asked and most students didn't think they could.

However, after the first 2 weeks of successful German classes online, students of Grade 3I and 4I now can introduce themselves completely in German and to prove it, they even designed some beautiful posters.

Now speaking about their age, their favorite animals, favorite color, hobbies, birthday, siblings, country of birth and the languages they speak is as easy as saying it in their mother tongues.

As the saying goes: "Practise makes perfect" or in Deutsch: "Übung macht den Meister"

Andreas Eggert

DaF teacher in PYP, Grades 1-5I


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