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Educational Concept

The logo of our school contains the most important characteristics of GESM in a symbolic form.


Our School is guided by a vision of what the outcome of our educational programme should be. "Global citizenship", one of the terms in our vision statement, is very common nowadays, but often with a different meaning. We stress also political and moral implications of this term and do not want to see it connected only or mainly to economic "globalisation". So, every vision should be read with a critical attitude, not taking big words for granted.


Our vision leads to a mission statement showing the path to follow in order to realise the vision. Key concepts like inclusion or professional development are mentioned in this part that, of course, also need to be clarified.


The values express the moral basis of our educational programme. Especially "integrity", "compassion" and "independence" are characteristic of our school programme, in their special sense. For that reason, they are clarified in the guiding principles.


The guiding principles are like a commentary to the key concepts of our vision, mission and values statements. They are meant to connect our key concepts to our strategic targets.


The pedagogical profile shows how our school organisation reflects our pedagogical programme in its branches and departments from Early Years up to the International Baccalaureate Programme.


The strategic targets are the goals the school wants to achieve in the next 3-5 years. They are much more specific than the guiding principles and they lead to changes in our profile. The strategic targets are the basis of a yearly action plan, and a plan of specific measures along a time line.


Quality management is responsible for coordinating, documenting, monitoring and evaluating the development of school. Part of the quality management is the external evaluation by the German Federal Inspection and the International Baccalaureate Inspections. There are also regular interim inspections, and peer reviews. 


The German language is mentioned here as being essential for our school identity, setting us apart from any other school in Manila.

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