EUROCAMPUS as a name stands for a principle: It is a unique place where multicultural variety is not just a word or idea, but real life, everyday.

The German European School Manila (GESM) and Lycée Français de Manille (LFM) form the EUROCAMPUS, the first of its kind in the world. This campus is now home to more than 700 students from at least 50 nationalities after a quarter century’s existence in the Philippines.

The Eurocampus (officially, the "European International School" or EIS) was established in July 2003 primarily to provide shared services to the Philippine-based operation of the Deutsche Schule in Manila (DSM or German School Manila) and the Lycee Français de Manille (LFM or French School Manila). Both DSM and LFM were established to be a venue for elementary and secondary school education of dependents of foreign diplomatic personnel as well as other foreign temporary residents and local residents of the Philippines.

Its first mission statement was to promote cultural awareness in the spirit of intercultural learning and understanding by embracing all professional, educational and human aspects of cooperation, ​promoting excellence and developing autonomy skills while enhancing curiosity and respect for diversity.


EIS was given a Certificate of  Authorization to offer the Diploma Program of the International Baccalaureate Organization in June 5, 2003.  This opened up options for students of both DSM and LFM aged 16 to 19 to take the programme making them eligible for entry into higher education anywhere around the world.  Starting Aug 2007, the IB Programme was assumed and operated solely by the German School. 

Elysée Treaty

January 22 is the commemorating anniversary of the signature of the Elysee Treaty, a key milestone in French-German relationship, hence an important historical event for both the LFM and the GESM. 

A joint program is organized on campus on this day, attended by diplomatic representatives of both countries and the whole school body.


EIS has an agreement with the European Educational Foundation, a foundation with similar purpose, which allows EIS to use a 20,000 sq.m. land campus with a swimming pool, auditorium, 3 laboratory rooms, sportsfield, gym, canteen, Faculty room, library, multipurpose room and parking area which accommodates up to 63 vehicles, an administration building, 3 main buildings which has a total of more than 50 classrooms. EIS also rents another one lot adjacent to the gate which accommodates 16 vehicles and another adjacent building for extra office space and classrooms. 

Elysee Treaty Exhibition at the Germa European School Manila

The GESM and LFM present an exhibition commemorating the Élysée Treaty to representatives of the German and French Embassies in Manila.

The GESM holds and organizes several joint programs with the LFM. Below is a list of some of them.

  • Extra-curricular activities (ECA)

  • Joint sports activities (soccer)

  • Joint music activities (choir, orchestra)

  • Activities to heighten responsibility towards the environment

  • Class room visits 

  • Festivals
    • Remembrance Day Ceremony
    • Elysée Treaty Commemoration Ceremony

    • International Festival

    • European Day Festival

    • Popular festivals like Christmas etc

  • Arts exhibitions,

  • Theatre groups

  • Writing competitions ("Golden Feather"- Third Culture Project)

  • Field trips