Student Representatives and

The Student Council

At GESM we believe the opinions and ideas of students pertaining to the day to day operation of our school are of the utmost importance. Providing students a stake in their daily lives and the ability to make meaningful changes is something GESM has a proud history of. There are a large number of student leadership roles providing GESM students opportunity to develop leadership skills, represent their peers and aid school development.

Students have the ability to become formal leaders as part of the House System (House Captains), the GESM Student Council (Council Leaders and Class Representatives) and the EIS Student Council. All leadership positions are elected by the student body under the guidance of the Student Leadership Coordinator (Ms.Christina Bärtges), the Heads of School and the Guidance Counselor. At GESM we see experiencing leadership as important for step in the development of all students. We encourage students to take on leadership roles big and small and develop their ability to voice opinions, inspire others and make a difference.

The GESM Student Council is comprised of two representatives from each Klasse/Year (secondary school only). These class representatives are tasked with voicing the opinions, concerns and ideas of their peers (regularly discussed in Ethics classes) to the council. The class representatives elect the Council Leaders and vote on important issues concerning school improvement. Class Representatives also participate in fundraising for various school events and assist the Council Leaders in implementing school improvement programs. Presiding over the GESM Student Council are five Council Leaders (elected). The Council President conducts all Student Council meetings with the assistance of the Council Leaders. The Council President also attends regular meetings with the Heads of the School, the school board and the GEB (parent's assembly).

Message from the

Student Council President

My name is Dia Mate and I am from Grade 11. As the new president of the student council, I represent the student body alongside Sophia Akillian, the vice. I will be taking on this big responsibility to help the school community grow and become better as a whole. My vision is for everyone in the campus to get along with one another in order to create a more friendly and open environment. Students should not be afraid to be vocal about their concerns with the school, as we will try to find a possible solution right away. I would like to encourage more students to participate in student council so that we can be more cooperative with each other to get things done quicker.


To achieve this, there will be the creation of the committees in which students can sign up and join. In these committees, students will be able to voice out their opinions more clearly and create new ideas/concepts that could help the school be better for us. Events such as the retreat will be brought back in order to encourage school spirit and bonding between students in their respective houses. We plan for more fundraising activities for the school as well as other events. One such example is the EIS prom or a “Neon Lights” dance for the secondary school. Furthermore, we hope to have outreach programmes so that students have a chance to help those in need. We also want to address concerns such as littering by teaching our school community to be more aware and to make the campus more environmental friendly. We would also like to improve some of the infrastructure in our own way. For example, we can push for more lockers in the IB building or get the benches repainted. Lastly, we hope to tackle issues that students may have regarding the canteen.

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