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Student Representatives and the Student Council


The feelings, thoughts and interests of our students are important for our school community. Therefore, as a German school, we also have a student council which takes on a special significance under the auspices of our UNESCO profile.

In the regular class council and as in the larger student council of the whole school, all students, especially the class representatives and student representatives, have the opportunity to articulate their opinions and interests and thereby also develop leadership skills by representing their fellow students and supporting school development.

Students are also members of Houses. These student teams can earn points and win awards by advocating for the school community and making special achievements. Students are also elected as representatives and leaders of these houses, called House Captains. Representatives of all student body committees are elected under the direction of a liaison teacher and are given special support by that teacher in their work, as required by the student council and the House bylaws. 

The GESM student council (also called "SMV" - Schülermitverantwortung) consists of two representatives from each class (from the Secondary department). These class representatives are responsible for representing and discussing the opinions, concerns and ideas of their fellow students in regular meetings. They also elect the 5 spokespersons of the Student Council (SMV). They meet regularly with the school heads, the administration, and the parent council to communicate and discuss the opinions, questions, suggestions and proposals of the student body.

Students and class representatives support the SMV spokespersons in the implementation of measures, which include, in accordance with our UNESCO profile and as part of CAS, the donation and aid campaigns for example at school events.  

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