Living Conditions and Quality of Life

In the first week, you are lodged in condominiums like Chateau ElyséeAzure or Siena Park Residences, where a considerable number of teachers decide to stay on. From there, Eurocampus can be easily reached. 

​Newcomers are offered help in finding accommodation: We will put you in contact with our trilingual broker who will help you find suitable housing.

Traffic, though, can be quite a challenge, especially around Eurocampus: Doña Soledad, the main road across the Isthmus of Manila between the ocean (Manila Bay) and lagoon (Lake Bay), is often blocked by traffic in both directions. So, it is often easier to reach school on foot, by bike, or electro scooter (rechargeable at school).

Bonifatio Global City

While traffic is often annoying and MRT in all Manila still poorly developed, Doña Soledad offers almost everything you are looking for on a small budget, and for the lovers of Latin America, this street seems to be the perfect copy of streets in México, Lima, or La Paz. 

Close to those areas that seem to be part of Mexico, you can find places like Makati, Bonifacio Global City, Mall of Asia, and Alabang, which equal to the most advanced cities in the world.

A big advantage of the location of the school is that the airport is very close, so even on a long weekend, it will be easy to get to one of the beautiful resorts within a few hours. Moreover, the Expressways and Skyways make it possible to leave the town easily at the weekend by car.​

high street.jpg

​It is true, Manila has changed a lot since the time it was known across the world as the "Queen of the Pacific" and "Pearl of the Orient" with beaches in Manila Bay that it used to be a hundred or even 50 years ago. Like all cities in Asia, it has turned into a megacity with all its advantages and disadvantages. Yet, if you look closely enough, you will find wonderful places even here if you are interested in culturehistory, and arts, culinary experiences, places to relax, wander about or enjoy yourself. And the 17 cities that form Greater Manila are as different as the difference can go, from the most traditional and rural to the most modern urban setting.

And even air quality is not so bad as you might think, especially if compared to other cities in Asia. If you consult IQAir or you will notice that our school's location on the narrowest part of the isthmus is very favourite compared to others in Manila, but also compared to other megacities in Asia. 


Please make sure, best before coming to Manila, what surrounding you prefer to live in:

  • in Manila's "Latin Town" (Parañaque) - where you are closest to school and to real life.  

  • in Manila's "Manhattan" (Makati or BGC), - with ample opportunities to enjoy yourself in your free time

  • or in Manila's "Beverly Hills" (Ayala Alabang) - where you feel far away from dust and noise.


If you are interested in information on cost of living, click here.

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