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A Night to Remember

Our secondary students including senior students from Grades 11 and 12 had the unique chance recently to spend the night in school! As part of the 24-Hour Swimming Challenge from January 25 to 26, they were given the option to sleep on campus and to take part in the Challenge by swimming in the wee hours of the night or just to cheer on their peers who did.

The event was part of the week-long celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Élysée Treaty and the 30th Anniversary of Eurocampus Manila. For those not scheduled to swim, different activities were organized until 10:00pm to pass the time and to further foster friendship and cooperation among GESM and LFM students. Among them were chess matches, football games, basketball and volleyball. Students also organized food stalls that peddled different snacks and drinks. One highlight of the activities were the DJ workshops facilitated by Ms. Christina Bärtges which ended with a performance in the lobby! Students and teachers danced to the beats played by the evening's DJs.

Many students ended up not sleeping a wink due to the excitement, but everyone was up and about and ready for another school day come morning. It was, we were sure, a night to remember for a lot of them!


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