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GESM ToK Exhibition 2024

by Ryan Torrejos

The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Exhibition is a pivotal event within the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), designed to showcase grade 11 students' exploration of knowledge and how it manifests in the world. Students meticulously prepare by selecting 3 objects that integrates with the themes, knowlede & the knower, knowledge & technology, knowledge & religion, knowledge & language, knowledge & politics, and knowledge & indigenous societies.

Students delve into research, analyze a knowledge question, and present it through an exhibition at the end of the school year. This exhibition not only emphasizes academic rigor but also fosters critical thinking and communication skills. Students engage in rigorous self-reflection and present their projects to peers, teachers, and the school community.

Overall, the TOK Exhibition not only highlights the intellectual curiosity of students but also underscores the importance of communicating ideas effectively in a global context.


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