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A project concludes: The "Mindfulness Rice"

von Bianca Bachmann

A month ago, Mr. Hook and Mrs. Bachmann started the so-called rice project in the club "Spaβ mit Yoga". The idea came from Dr. Masaru Emoto, who proposed the thesis that water has feelings.

Based on this, three identical containers of cooked rice were prepared and labeled a month ago. The first container became the "Thanks, Love, Joy" rice, the second the "Anger, Hate, Anger" rice and the third, unlabeled as it was, was ignored.

Every day (on Thursdays together with the club children) the first rice was showered with compliments and positive comments, the second rice was insulted as well as one's own anger was taken out on it, while the third rice was not taken out of the cupboard.

After one week, the beginnings of success were already visible, but we worked and waited for four weeks to see a clear result:

In the last club lesson before Christmas, the time had finally come: the children analyzed the rice and, with the help of silent impulses, were able to experimentally prove the thesis of Doctor Masaru Emoto. Together we came to the conclusion that negative words made the rice moldy, while positive words made the rice look fresh. Subsequently, the transfer to the own self was made, which influence positive, negative and ignoring actions of other people can have on oneself, since the human body consists of 60 to 70 percent of water!

The children were then allowed to write wish lists on which they recorded how they would like to behave towards other people in the near future and what they would like other people to do with them so that no body has to "mold". 😊


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