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Year-End Initiatives showcase student generosity

Updated: Jun 29

As the school year drew to a close, our students embarked on several heartwarming initiatives to give back to the community. These projects highlighted their creativity, compassion, and commitment to making a positive impact.

Collecting Donations for Charity

Under the guidance of Sabina and Sofia, Grade 2E students collected used clothes, toys, and books for their chosen charity. This project aligned with their "Sharing the Planet" unit, focusing on recycling and reusing items.


Abril and Freya from Grade 4E spearheaded the "Pencilvania" project, collecting unclaimed used pencils. They partnered with Grade 2 to donate these pencils to the same charity, ensuring that these useful items found new homes.

Kraft DIY Project

Eithan, Mika, Emily, Valentina, Myra, Miyako, and Yawen from Grade 3E created a "Kraft" project, designing scratch papers to make creative bags filled with stickers. These unique items were sold for 20 to 60 Pesos each. The students spent their earnings by purchasing snacks for the non-teaching staff in school.

Rice Donations

The Grade 4E class used their Christmas Bazaar income and cash donations from parents to purchase a total of 720 kilograms of rice -- an essential for any household -- for non-teaching staff in school, including the cleaners, security guards and administrative personnel. Big thanks to the parents who helped organize the purchase, delivery and distribution!

Supporting School Staff

Grade 5E students decided to use the remainder of their class fund to purchase groceries and food. These were donated to non-teaching staff members of the school, ensuring they felt appreciated and supported, especially on the last day of school.

These initiatives not only reflected the students' learning and values but also their commitment to helping others. We are incredibly proud of their efforts and appreciated the school community's support for these projects.


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