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Art & Music Festival at GESM!

Video by Sunshine Ferrandon

Texts by Santosh Kumar, Princess Rheine Longares (8i), Kai Mehta (8i)

Last June 21 to June 24, we held again our annual Arts and Music Festival after spending or studying almost 2 years online. The German and International section students showcased their work in the lobby of the school. Music performances by different groups of students were played live and broadcasted online. The festivities ended with an art auction for charity.

This is an excellent opportunity to observe our students' progress in Music and Arts programs and to celebrate the creativity and artistry in the school. - Mr. Santosh Kumar, Secondary Art Teacher, International Section

I really liked the arts and music festival. I performed a few times, singing and playing the guitar. It was fun to play and entertain the audience. Aside from the before performing nerves, I really enjoyed performing the songs I love and listen to often. Performing with my friends also made it so much more enjoyable, we would jam and practice every day before our final performance, which made it so much more fun. - Princess Reine Longares, 8i

Experiencing the music recitals as an audience, I witnessed and had the opportunity to watch so many of my friends and so many new people performed and shared their love for music. A lot of songs were familiar, and it was really nice watching and listening to their performances. I saw many different instruments on stage like saxophones, guitars, bass, flute, and a clarinet. I also saw GCSE Music students perform for their music exams. It was overall a fun experience, and I can’t wait for more. - Kai Mehta, 8i



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