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Colorful spectacle

by Ute Massow

Drama classes 5 and 6 wow the audience with "The Queen of Colors"

In an impressive performance, the pupils of Years 5 and 6 transported the audience into the colorful world of Jutta Bauer's "The Queen of Colors". The play, which was performed in the school's auditorium, demonstrated their ability to bring the story to life through gestures, facial expressions and the use of colorful cloths.

The play tells the story of Queen Malwida, who rules over a kingdom in which the colors blue, red and yellow are her subjects. Each color represents different feelings and triggers different reactions. The soft blue is gentle and mild, while the warm yellow initially brings joy, but then shows its bitchy qualities. A dispute arises between the individual colors, which all mix together to form a gray. This makes Malwida very sad and only her tears manage to bring the colors back so that things can continue to be colorful in Malwida's world and kingdom.

A central theatrical device was the creative use of colorful cloths, which were used in a variety of ways to represent the colors and their properties. Through the scenic implementation, the players were shown how colors can reflect and influence our moods and perceptions.

"The Queen of Colors" was a complete success and proof that theater and art help to promote creativity and self-confidence among students. It was an unforgettable experience that will certainly be remembered for a long time to come.


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