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Early Years gets into the donation action

by Nicole Javier & Katrina Uytengsu

The Early Years were very much interested in the Lemonade Stand that the Grade 3 set up a few weeks back. They were very inquisitive and wanted to know why the children were selling lemonade together with cupcakes, cookies and some chips. After explaining to the children that the Grade 3 were raising funds or money for "Children of the Dump," they wanted to be a part of this project and take a more active role in helping the children.

The Early Years wasted no time working together to think of other ways they can help the children of the dump. All on their own, they came up with the idea to "give some of our used clothes, toys, books and school supplies at home that we don't use anymore." They also wanted to involve the whole school, so they thought of ways to disseminate this information to everyone. They made different drawings of things that they could share with other children, and they cut these drawings to make a poster!

Last Tuesday, the Early Years also collaborated with the Grade 2 students and thought of how to make the donation drive more effective. Together, they thought of places around school to put up the posters that they made for everyone to see. They also thought of different ways on how to collect and where to put the donated items. They can't wait to start putting up their posters and the boxes for the donations. We hope everyone is really able to see and help!

The Early Years and the Primary are looking forward to your support in making this donation drive successful, which will definitely put beaming smiles on the children we are helping.


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