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Early Years on Earth Day

by Katrina Uytengsu

It was Earth Day (April 22) and in our classroom, we had a blast finding ways to help our planet. We started by turning off the air conditioning for an hour to save energy and spent time outside, planting seeds in the soil.

Back in class, we watched a video that showed us how even kids like us can do simple things to protect the Earth. We had a cool discussion about it and shared our ideas.

Then, we got crafty and made a craft about Earth Day. It was fun to show how we care for our planet in our own ways.

Later, in the library, Ms. Lala told us stories about being green. We learned easy things we can do, like not wasting water and picking up trash. It was awesome to see how small actions can make a big difference.

As the day ended, we felt proud of what we did. Earth Day showed us that even though we're young, we can still help our planet shine brighter.


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