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From "Vorschule" to Elementary School

by Katrin Parker | 30 April 2021

It is something special when the kindergarten can be physically part of a school. Unlike in Germany, where kindergartens are always separate from elementary schools, here the kindergarten is part of school life from the very beginning. The kindergarten children know almost all the rooms, know which paths lead where, and feel the rhythm of the school day. Through their older siblings (even if they are not their own siblings), the kindergarten children quickly learn the names of the elementary school children and teachers. In time, they also learn one or two peculiarities of the elementary school teachers. Nevertheless, the transition from kindergarten to elementary school is a big event that the children await with mixed feelings.

In order to prepare the preschool children for their elementary school years, it is important for us to strengthen them socially and emotionally and to reduce uncertainties. A big topic during the online school time is the safe handling of "teams" and which rules have to be observed. For example, only the teacher starts a meeting and the teacher says who may share the screen and when😉. Another topic is the cooperation with the 1st grade. Together we do activities like making lanterns and painting Easter eggs to give the kids the opportunity to stay in touch even in the online phase. In order to eventually give the children a real insight into 1st grade, the preschoolers are allowed to visit 1st grade in the last two months and be there live in class. We are already practicing how to introduce ourselves in front of a group and next week it will already start. And I am just as excited and anxious as the preschoolers.


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