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"Gegenseitiges Kennenlernen" - A joint exhibition by GESM & LFM

by Shadin Kitma | 7 March 2022

For the first 2 months of 2022, the Eurocampus was decked with artworks and decorations commemorating the 59th Anniversary of the Élysée Treaty! GESM & LFM Primary schoolers set up the exhibition "GEGENSEITIGES KENNENLERNEN" ("Apprendre à se connaître") and the Houses of GESM International Primary featured a display of related works by students themed "Making our school a place of PEACE and FRIENDSHIP".

Here's the exhibition text of the former:

What makes us special and what makes us different?

Is it our nationality? Our language? Or is it something more human than all these definitions?

In this joint exhibition by GESM and LFM, photos and statements from students are presented in a collage that shows that once people of different backgrounds get to know each other, that they are more alike as human beings than what their labels might suggest.


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