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GESM Football Teams make a roaring comeback in 1st tournament since pandemic

In a triumphant return to the field, the German European School Manila's (GESM) U11 and U18 football teams showcased their prowess on Day 1 of their first tournament in four years. The teams, donning black-and-white uniforms reminiscent of Germany's national #Mannschaft, made a resounding statement with their exceptional performances.

The U11 team, formed as part of GESM's revitalized sports program after a pandemic-induced hiatus, went undefeated on their debut tournament day. Coached by the dedicated trio of Louis, Florian, and Vanny, the young talents secured victories with impressive scores of 7:2, 3:1, and 1:0 against their opponents. The remarkable display of skill and teamwork left spectators and supporters alike in awe.

Meanwhile, the U18 team also made a strong showing, recording a commendable 2-1 record on the opening day. Considering that the program only kicked off last September, the achievement is particularly noteworthy. The U18 players demonstrated resilience and determination, setting the stage for what promises to be an exciting journey through the tournament.

The hashtag #Mannschaft echoed the spirit of unity and teamwork that defined GESM's football resurgence. The term "Mannschaft," meaning "team" in German, perfectly encapsulates the collaborative effort and camaraderie exhibited by both squads.

The success of the U11 and U18 teams marks a significant milestone for GESM's sports program, which faced challenges during the prolonged hiatus. The return to competitive football not only showcases the students' talent but also reflects the school's commitment to providing holistic development opportunities, even in the face of adversity.

As the GESM community eagerly awaits the semifinals set for March 9, 2024. The journey has just begun for these young athletes, and the GESM community is rallying behind them, eager to witness more victories in the semis and beyond.


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