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GESM's Music Recitals

submitted by Sunshine Ferrandon | 8 July 2021

On Monday, July 5, GESM's Music Department held School Year 2020/21's Music Recitals. See the performances of our students below!

"A Mozart Melody"

Hyun Ko, 6i | Clarinet solo


Kai Mehta, 7i | Vocal solo


Paige Garcia, Stephanie Brown & Lilou Zhao Meng Yuan Hanen, 6i (Middle School Beginning Strings)


Daniel Emanuel Dima, 6i | Drum solo

"Eine kleine Nachtmusik"

Shim Kohwoon, 6i | Flute solo

"Flute Sonata HWV 374 in A minor"

Julien Tate Hoschka, 9D | Flute solo

"Follow the Leader"

Paul Murphy, 6i | Piano solo

"Game of Thrones"

Selected Secondary and Mittelstufe students with special participation of Prof. Chito Sacdalan

"He's a Pirate"

Hannah Seo, 7D | Violin solo

"Jurassic Park" (Theme song)

John Bensen Lueck, 8i | Trumpet solo

"Mia and Sebastian's Theme"

Alexander Inkinen Ruiz, 7i | Piano solo

"Nothing Else Matters"

Elias Yann Sänger, 9D | Drum solo

"On the Trail"

Nika Kiana von Asmuth & Stella Steiger, 6D | Piano duet


an original piano solo composition by Laila Schmelzer, 8D


Justin Walter Ith, 9D | Piano solo

"Even When/The Best Part"

Sophia Clarice Rossa, 8D | Guitar and vocal solo

"What I've Become"

Charles Oscar Andreas Voss, 6D | Drum solo


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