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Happy 100 Days of School!

by Nicole Javier, Katrina Uytengsu & Shaun Hawkins

Since the beginning of the school year, the Pre-Primary and Vorschule have been counting the days they’ve been in school. Finally, after waiting for 100 days, they were able to celebrate this day with each other!

They started the day by welcoming each other with their 100 day glasses!

Have you ever used the number 100 to make art? Well, you’re in for a treat! The children used their creativity and were able to make interesting designs. It was great to see the children interact by sharing their ideas and artwork with each other.

In the Pre-Primary and Vorschule class, the children sure do like getting their hands dirty! They made a gumball machine using paint and their fingerprints! They also incorporated counting by 10s to get 100 in this fun learning engagement.

The children also played Race to 100! This was so exciting for them as they had to race to get to the end.

The children stretched their imagination further by using 100 blocks to build a structure together. This helped them become even better communicators as each of them shared and negotiated their ideas as well as listened to each other. At the end of every group, the children were able to create a beautiful and stable structure!

The children ended the day by counting together, singing and dancing to a 100 day song.

It was indeed a fun-filled day! ‘Til next year!


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