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Houses of Primary Opening Assembly

by the Student House Mentors

There was an atmosphere of excitement and camaraderie as our Houses held our 1st assembly. After electing our House Captain and Vice-Captain and weeks of learning about the House they are representing, the Primary Houses delivered their best cheers as we began collecting points for their respective Houses. Kudos to all the amazing House Mentors for preparing their Houses for our Cheering Challenge. The House of München kicked off the event with their enthusiastic cheer! It was followed by the House of Bremen, who showcased their acrobatic skills. Then, Dresden took us on a magical tour of their city and ended with a mighty roar. The House of Berlin impressed us with their coordinated movements and creative props, while the House of Frankfurt got us all dancing to the beat! Lastly, the House of Münster received the best cheer award and the highest points for their spectacular performance. They danced, sang, and cheered their hearts out for their House. Our warmest congratulations to all our Houses! Keep an eye out for our updated scoreboard!


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