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Math Kangaroo 2022

by Torsten Herzog | 21 March 2022

This math competition originated in Australia and was brought to France by two French math teachers. Schools in over 80 countries now participate, including the German European School Manila.

It is a multiple-choice competition with a variety of tasks to puzzle over, to ponder, to calculate and to estimate. Above all, it is meant to inspire joy in the study of mathematics.

It is a competition in which there are only winners, because all participants receive a certificate and a souvenir prize - for the best there are books, games, puzzles, T-shirts.

The tasks are very stimulating, cheerful, and often a little unexpected. The aim is to break down, or at least scratch, the fear that students often have of the seriousness, rigor and dryness of mathematics.

After the competition, the school, name, class, grade level and answered letters of the participants are transmitted online to Berlin for evaluation. At our school, GESM, the 3rd through 11th grade competition took place on March 17 and 18. Both sections, German and International, were involved. Everyone was very excited to see what tasks would be given this school year.

After 2 periods the solved tasks were handed in to the teachers. Most of the students had a lot of fun experiencing mathematics from a different perspective!

Now the expectation is great how the work will be evaluated and how the answers from Germany will probably turn out!


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