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Primary Student House of Berlin wins Earth Day fashion show

based from text by Viola Buck

GESM's primary schoolers recently celebrated Earth Day with a series of activities aimed at raising awareness about environmental protection and sustainability. As part of the school's efforts to promote eco-consciousness among its students, the Houses of Primary focused on the concept of recycling throughout the weeks after April 22.

The Earth Day festivities kicked off with a poster-making activity that encouraged students to reflect on this year's Earth Day theme, "Invest In our Planet." The following week, the school added a bit of fun to the proceedings with a "design an outfit out of used materials" activity. The students worked together to come up with unique and imaginative designs that were modeled by their peers. The activities not only encouraged the students to be creative, but also highlighted the importance of upcycling and reducing waste.

The students received House Points for their participation in the Earth Day activities, with the House of Berlin emerging as the winner with the highest points during the fashion show.

Looking ahead, GESM's commitment to environmental protection and sustainability will continue as the students learn more about upcycling and urban gardening. These activities not only provide practical skills, but also help to instill a sense of responsibility and stewardship among the students towards the environment.


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