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PYP Evaluation Visit 2020: Results are in!

by Viola Buck | 06 Nov 2020

We are delighted to share with the school community the result of our 2020 PYP Evaluation Visit held last October 7 to 9.

Two stellar global educators who are also School Leaders were sent by the IBO to evaluate our IB PYP implementation from 2015 to 2020, in relation to the IB standards and practices. The 18-month rigorous process has resulted in a favourable report from IB when compared to the 2015 Evaluation Report. Hearty congratulations to everyone in our school community for achieving our goal. As shared by the visiting team, it is apparent that there has been "A HUGE IMPROVEMENT!" They have noted how we have worked so hard in effectively educating our students the PYP-GESM way - academically skilled students who are responsible global citizens ready to take action to address real-life challenges in our local and global communites. We received 2 commendations and far less recommendations and Matters to be Addressed (MTBA) this year. To give you an overview of the 2015 and 2020 reports, I have created a table of comparison:

Next step: Moving our school further forward! Our team, together with the school community will continue to investigate, reflect and work together for us to be able to ensure that we are focused in making learning authentic, engaging and meaningful for our students.

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to everyone and our heartfelt thank you for all your support!


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