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Start of the Pfiffikus Plus Clubs

von Jan Hannam & Sylvie Weyer

For two weeks now, the Pfiffikus Plus Clubs have been running in the kindergarten and preschool. The clubs take place every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. The groups consist of children from both the German and English kindergartens, as well as the German and English preschools. The goal is to deepen and learn the German language.

We've learned about body parts and assembled them with a puzzle. The children looked at themselves in the mirror and drew self-portraits. We also had a lot of fun with the parachute. The ball was thrown high and skillfully kept on the parachute with daring maneuvers. We learned how to introduce ourselves and ask for other children's names, and we joyfully ran under the parachute, switching our places.

Afterward, we enjoy our snack together before heading home.


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