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GESM Preschoolers' Easter Fun

At GESM, the German & English Section preschoolers (Kindergarten & Pre-Primary/Vorschule) celebrated Easter with infectious enthusiasm. The day began with a lively program in the auditorium, where the children, adorned with adorable Easter bunny ears, participated in singing Easter songs and engaging in activities, setting the stage for a day filled with excitement.

Following the program, the whole campus transformed into a playground of Easter delights as the children ventured outdoors. Split into groups, they eagerly embarked on thrilling Easter egg hunts, scouring every corner of the school grounds in search of hidden treasures. The children also enjoyed a variety of colorful activities and games. 

As the day came to a close, the children bid farewell to the school grounds, their hearts full of joy and anticipation for the adventures that awaited them during the Easter break.


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