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The new issue of GIB GLOBAL NEWS is ready!

by Volker Schlieske and the GIB GLOBAL NEWS TEAM of GESM - Alyana Liepach, Cathryn Lagemann, Natalie Concepcion and Seung An Han

With this issue we are already looking back on three issues of the international magazine GIB GLOBAL NEWS.

Under the direction of our DaF coordinator Mr. Volker Schlieske and the media educator Mr. Maximillian Hutter (Barranquilla, Colombia) and with the participation and support of a total of 14 GIB schools, we look back on an exciting and eventful 4 months in which this magazine was created. A magazine full of exciting articles and perspectives on the topic of "What is Germany?" In this issue, GIB GLOBAL NEWS has not only grown again with 14 participating schools, but has also evolved into a cross-media magazine with the creation of the first GIB GLOBAL NEWS podcast channel. The podcasts, which feature discussions between students from different cultures and countries on the topic of "Germany," are also a direct response to the students' desire to get even closer in touch with the school teams from the other schools.

Many thanks to the GESM editorial team, Alyana Liepach, Cathryn Lagemann, Natalie Concepcion and Seung Anh Han.

What's next for GIB GLOBAL NEWS?

"The creativity of man is the true capital." (Joseph Beuys, German artist, 1921-1986)

From the beginning, GIB Global News magazine was conceived as a creative and organically growing project. Only in community such projects can be realized and in this way we go far beyond the objective of many other projects. On the one hand, our joint work allows us to observe how the project changes and develops, but above all, we also see how each individual member of the editorial team can change the direction of the magazine. Similar to architects or sculptors, we ourselves can intervene in processes at any time, shape them, proactively exert influence, and in the process observe the changes we trigger. In this way, the members of the editorial team can steer the "fortunes" of the magazine by taking concrete responsibility themselves.

At the same time, the magazine is a contribution to "Global Citizenship Education" and "Education for Sustainable Development" (UNESCO). Further projects that deal with art, creativity, democracy, cultural history, sustainability and global responsibility across all grades are already being planned.

The third issue of the magazine also impressively demonstrated what can be achieved together. There is now a joint coordination of the magazines (Barranquilla and Manila), school editorial offices are increasingly taking processes into their own hands and assuming responsibility, international layout teams have been formed, the magazine has become "cross-media", a German school in Berlin (Emmy-Noether-Gymnasium) has joined with its editorial office, the editorial offices have formed WhatsApp groups among themselves and and and...

Creating Learning Opportunities

In the future, the organic growth of GIB Global News should naturally extend far beyond the active members of the editorial teams. So we would like to encourage not only all students of the GIB schools to actively contribute to the further development of the magazine through their articles, but we would also like to cordially invite teachers and parents to contribute with their opinions, convictions, values, experiences and experiences on the respective topics. We are also trying to get more former students of the GIB schools to participate in an alumni forum by telling us about their experiences in Germany as "foreign or domestic correspondents", by giving us tips and tricks and by being a possible contact person for the students in the future.

We are already looking forward to the next issue!

And now have fun reading!


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