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COLORBORATION: Making Learning Visible


Welcome to the First Edition of the COLORBORATION Magazine!

by Volker Schlieske

COLORBORATION is a truly unique initiative; it is an interdisciplinary journey to discover the magic of colors and it serves as an entrance door to the world of LIFELONG LEARNING. It is a community project of the GESM from Kindergarten to Grade 12, involving both the English and German sections.

In September 2023, Mr. Volker Schlieske, our DaF-Coordinator, introduced the COLORBORATION initiative to the GESM faculty. Mr. Schlieske highlighted the necessity of a substantial team effort to foster the organic growth of this new ambitious project.


A team of experts, including Mr. Sebastian Schaffer, Mr. Maximillian Schrievers, and Mrs. Esther Wittstock, and all specialists in science and horticulture, quickly began laying the groundwork for SEVENGARDENS, one key element of the COLORBORATION initiative,  during collaboration hours in the school’s new school garden.


“Our team is just the foundation, but the entire school community is essential for its long-term success and sustainability,” Mr. Schlieske remarked. After a year of intensive collaboration with students and teachers, the project has started to take shape. "This is just the beginning; the project itself and everybody involved will guide our next steps," he added. This project aims to cultivate a generation of open-minded and engaged global citizens, ready to tackle future challenges and drive positive change worldwide. This project brings learning to life, making it visible and tangible for students and educators alike.

COLORBORATION is a KALEIDOCOPEDIA of colors, where each hue tells a story and each shade offers endless possibilities. We integrate visual art, literature, theater, music, natural sciences, environmental studies, linguistics, psychology, history, philosophy, and mathematics to deepen our understanding of colors and address global challenges from diverse perspectives. This interdisciplinary approach empowers us to think beyond boundaries, see beyond the surface, and create beyond imagination.


The COLORBORATION initiative, along with the SEVENGARDENS project, has transformed our school garden into a beautiful dye garden. This unique project has brought learning to life, integrating the natural world with our curriculum in imaginative and colorful ways.


Students and teachers have dug, watered, and planted together, connecting with nature through hands-on gardening. The natural colors have enriched our art classes, where we have created natural pigments for painting and crafting. Music, theater and photography classes have drawn inspiration from the garden’s colors, leading to performances that celebrate our creativity. Photography sessions have captured the beauty and growth of our garden, while articles written and layouted by students and teachers for the COLORBORATION magazine have reflected our collective journey.


“Lifelong learning is key to overcoming global challenges and to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Our rapidly changing world calls for opportunities to learn throughout life, for individual fulfillment, social cohesion and economic prosperity.[…] Lifelong Learning is a cornerstone within the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.” 


COLORBORATION promotes LIFELONG LEARNING, interdisciplinary thinking, sustainability, and global citizenship. In today’s rapidly changing world, the ability to continuously acquire new knowledge and skills is essential. Our project encourages curiosity, adaptability, and open-mindedness through hands-on activities and collaborative projects. Whether you’re a student, educator, or color enthusiast, the COLORBORATION magazine offers a unique platform for learning, collaboration, and innovation.


This colorboration has been an inspiring journey, showcasing the true colors of our community's talent and teamwork! THANK YOU ALL!





You want to learn more about COLORBORATION? Click here for the magazine: (Click on the three dots in the bottom right corner and then on fullscreen for an optimal reading experience.)







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