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Unity & Generosity at GESM's Christmas Bazaar 2023

based on text by Christoph-Boris Frank

The campus of the German European School Manila echoed with laughter and joy as the school community came together for a spectacular Christmas Bazaar. The event, held recently, was not just a festive gathering; it was a testament to the vibrant spirit and generosity that defines the school's community.

The Christmas Bazaar showcased the incredible talent and unity within the school. From the enthusiastic participation of students across all grades to the unwavering support of families and dedicated volunteers, every member played a pivotal role in transforming the event into a tapestry of creativity, joy, and communal spirit.

A special acknowledgment was extended to the numerous volunteers, including the GEB (Parent Council), Mrs. Grünewald, Mrs. Almeida Uy, and Mrs. Konstanzer, who played key roles in bringing the community together.

The morning began with a delightful start, thanks to the Coffee, Tea, and Cake volunteers who provided a heartwarming welcome to all attendees. The aroma of fresh coffee set the perfect tone for the day, creating an inviting atmosphere appreciated by all.

The Fabulous French Fries Team and their crispy delights added a fun and beloved element to the event. Their dedication and hard work were evident in every delicious fry served, making their station a highlight amid fierce competition.

The beverage stations, managed by dedicated volunteers, offered a variety of drinks that added an extra layer of enjoyment for all guests. The Glühwein station, with its rich aroma and comforting warmth, became a favorite spot for many, perfectly complementing the festive atmosphere.

The BBQ Grill station, a challenging feat for any large event, saw volunteers showcasing exceptional teamwork, skill, and dedication. The delicious aroma and taste of the BBQ were highlights, creating a sense of community and warmth that encapsulated the entire bazaar.

The success of the Christmas Raffle, with over PHP 60,000 directed towards the charity organization Children of the Dump Manila, highlighted the impactful collaboration between sponsors and dedicated students, especially Mrs. Härle, who provided exceptional guidance and leadership.

In closing, the administrative team received well-deserved recognition for their behind-the-scenes work, ensuring the smooth execution of the bazaar. Their commitment to excellence and unwavering support played a crucial role in making the event extraordinary.

As the school community reflects on the success of the Christmas Bazaar, the spirit of togetherness and joy lingers. The event not only celebrated the festive season but also embodied the values of unity, generosity, and community spirit that make the German European School Manila a truly special place. Wishing everyone a magical holiday season and a prosperous New Year!


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