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100 Days of School! 🎉🥳

by Nicole Javier

The Pre-Primary celebrated their 100th day in school last Tuesday, February 21. They had a week-long celebration filled with a lot of fun things to do together!

We started the day with a 100-lap relay in the pool! We each tried our best to make 10 laps so that we could reach 100.

After all those laps, we got hungry! We made some pizzas to enjoy with our friends. We made some pretty good pizzas!

We ended the day with a good movie, The Croods. The movie showed us how people lived 100 (maybe even more) years ago! We couldn't imagine living in a cave and being in the forest day and night with our families. It looks fun but also dangerous. I think we prefer living in the present-day times. The best part of the movie? We had some popcorn and some pizza.

The next day, we had a good reflection on how we have spent our 100 days in school. We watched a video that showed most of our activities since we started in August and all the happy moments we've shared with each other. We reflected on what challenged us, what we are proud of, what we enjoyed the most, what we have learned and what we would still like to learn. Some of our answers were: "I was challenged by hanging on the monkey bars. I can do it now!" "I am proud that I know how to read." "I am proud of helping others." "I enjoy playing in the playground with my friends the most." "I enjoy my work in class." "I have learned how to write words and read them." "I have learned to be kind to others." "I want to learn how to make potions and experiments." "I want to learn more sight words."

Finally, for sports, we did 100 exercises! Can you do that too?

It was a happy and fun-filled celebration that we are sure to remember 100 years from now. We are 100 days smarter, happier and most important of all, kinder.

Happy 100 Days of School to you!


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