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A Night of Celebration

by Maiya Bianca Aguila

As the sun came down, the sports field was slowly filled with families coming together for St. Martin's. The celebration started off with a special light dance by the English Early Years, German Kindergarten and Vorschule. As the song Wir Sind Lichterkinder played in the background, their little hands carried lanterns and moved to the rhythm of the music. Like every year, the story about St. Martin was re-enacted by Grades 3D and 4D which gave a powerful reminder about kindness, compassion and generosity, which continues to be an inspiration to our school community.

The night progressed with our much awaited Lantern Parade where the children, along with their family members, walked around the sports field with their lanterns which they created and crafted during the week. The sports field was lit up with colorful and bright lanterns as the crowd gathered around in a circle and sang Lantern songs.

The evening came to a close as families came together and enjoyed eating Weckmann bread and each other's company. The St. Martin's Celebration yet again was a success and fostered a sense of togetherness and unity.


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