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Ancient Civilizations take center stage in Grade 5E exhibit

The English Section Primary schoolers finished the last Transdisciplinary Theme for Unit 3 - Where We Are in Place and Time, and the teachers are all pleased to see how the students show their understanding of the various concepts learned relating to history, transformation, exploration, migration and civilisations.

As usual, an assembly was organized to end the Unit and it was Grade 5E's turn to organize it inside the school gym. They presented a number of performances and presentations for the audience members which included some of our parents!

Before the program, the 5th-graders hosted an exhibition on ancient civilisations in the school lobby. They divided themselves up in groups, each of which had a stand where they presented about a civilisation of their choice. They held presentations with posters and other props sporting the national attire of the civilisation they were presenting!

Gut gemacht, Grade 5E!



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